After my first introduction to photography at the age of eleven, I knew from that moment on, that a camera would forever be my number one accessory. Bouncing around the world with my wonderful husband, and now a beautiful baby girl, I’ve found my love of people, places and food to be the perfect subject matter for my passion.

My other loves are natural light, salt, chocolate (or salt in chocolate, even better!), five o’clock sun, my feet in the sand and brunch on Sunday mornings with friends. I reserve a special place in my heart for old rustic furniture, sunflowers, my family cabin in Maine and making my nieces and nephews giggle. 

I’ve been fortunate to work with some real lovely people while pursuing my dream - adoring couples, start ups and small businesses, prop stylists, makeup artists and fashion designers to name a few. It has truly been an exciting ride and I'm very grateful for those experiences. My suitcase is always packed for the new big adventure and you’ll never hear me turn down an opportunity to shoot something fabulous!